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Old, cracked floor tiles can drastically reduce the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Replacing these tiles can be an expensive hassle—so consider getting floor tile refinishing services instead.

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Tile flooring is often the flooring of choice for bathrooms. It’s waterproof and gorgeous to look at—but as time wears on, it could end up damaged and stained. Fix your floor tiles and extend their lifespan by partnering with a tile painting company like ProTech Recoating, LLC. We’re based in Oak Forest, IL, and can help clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs breathe new life into their tile floors and more.

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Understand Our Process

We’ll begin the refinishing process by removing any existing caulking and debris. Our professionals will use acid etching in order to make this process go more smoothly and remove any oils. Once that’s complete, we’ll carefully prep the area by putting down masking paper.

Several coatings will be applied to your tile in order to restore and protect it. Power bond is used for maximum adhesion and will take about ten minutes to dry. An epoxy primer is next; three to four coats will be applied, each with two-minute flash dry times. Finally, three to four coats of an epoxy finish will be applied; this finish can come in a range of colors and has a two-minute flash dry time. The epoxy coatings will be fully dry after 24 hours.

Our final step is to air out the room and clean up the area. For an extra charge, we can also re-grout the tile. In addition, we can add caulking around the tub.

Producing Fantastic Results

We offer a five-year guarantee for residential clients and a three-year guarantee for commercial ones! Our tile company is based in Oak Forest, IL, and can serve clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Call for a free estimate.

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